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                         PU Bollards
Our PU Bollards have become a real classic and are often used at emergency crossings on highways and as markings at various speed bumps.
This bollard is very durable and resilient.

In the event of being run over, it quickly returns to its original shape.
The bollard is 78cm high and has a diameter of 8cm.
The bollard is mounted directly onto the surface using screws and plugs.
It is available in three standard colors: White, black, and orange.
The bollards can be used for example at narrowings and refuges, or as other markings between, for example, walkways and roads or at emergency crossings on highways, etc.
Feel free to book a meeting and we will come out and demonstrate them for you. You are welcome to test driving over them yourself to see how they work.
Click on the imag
es for more information and take a look at our brochure.

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