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                               Easy Rider

The Easy Rider speed bump effectively reduces the speed of passing vehicles to 3-8 km/h.

The speed bump is made from 100% rubber recycled from car tires and has a flexible design that ensures good contact with all types of road surfaces.
Molded, high-reflective reflective tape combined with glass "cat's eyes" makes the bumps very easy to spot, even in the dark.
The channeled underside of the speed bump provides protection for cables and hoses.
Made of 100% recycled rubber.
Long durability for cost-effectiveness.
Reduces speed to 3-8 km/h.
Easily visible even in the dark.
Resistant to UV light, moisture, oil, and extreme temperatures.
Does not crack, chip, or rot.
Very easy to remove or move, for instance, during road maintenance.
Channeled bottom covers cables.
Easy installation, requires only one person.
Warranty: 3 years for the speed bump and 1 year for the tape (under normal use).
Recommended for areas with high pedestrian traffic:
In parking lots and garages, outside shopping centers, at schools, hotel entrances, gas stations, or in residential areas.

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